Walk for Life 2021 – Hybrid Event

Raise Funds. Walk. Save Lives.

For 30 years Freeport Pregnancy Center has been ministering to women facing unplanned pregnancies with the hope of ending abortion in our community. Now more than ever before we are closer to making this hope a reality. After implementing a new service model last year we are seeing lives saved in record numbers! Because of partners like you we are able to offer free services to women who are at-risk of abortion and empower them to embrace LIFE! When a woman comes through our doors, she is educated on all her options and offered professional medical services to help her in the decision-making process. We believe that women deserve better than abortion, and that every woman is strong enough to overcome whatever adversity she is facing. For these women, embracing LIFE means embracing the challenges that go along with that choice – but isn’t adversity where the deepest growth and the greatest blessings come from? Let us come together to empower women to embrace the adversity and embrace LIFE, so she can see how strong she really is!

What is the Walk for Life?

This year on Saturday, May 22nd, Freeport Pregnancy Center will host its annual Walk for Life! The Walk for Life is a simple way for people of all ages to get involved by actively demonstrating support for the value of human life – and a desire to make a difference. By being involved in the Walk you are directly helping the ministry of Freeport Pregnancy Center advance its mission to empower women to choose LIFE.

After a unique Virtual Walk for Life in 2020, we’re looking forward to joining with our community to celebrate life at Krape Park again! This year, walkers can choose to join with us at Krape Park in person or if you prefer, to walk in your own neighborhood. No matter what format of the Walk for Life you prefer, our life-affirming ministry is so grateful for your support!


and help us SAVE LIVES by giving women the freedom to Embrace LIFE!