When is the Walk for Life?

The Freeport Pregnancy Center’s annual Walk for Life is Saturday, October 24, 2020

Where is the Walk for Life located?

The Walk for Life is a Virtual Event this year! Which means you can do an activity of your choice at whatever time works best for you!

Can I support the Freeport Pregnancy Center even though I don’t want to raise funds?

Yes you can! Just choose to Sponsor a Walker or become a Corporate Sponsor! Or visit our main website Donor Giving page to learn more about becoming a monthly LIFE Partner!

I’m not sure about online fundraising. Is it complicated?

Online fundraising opens up doors to let people all across the world get involved! You can email and post on social media about the opportunity to give. Check out this short video! And of course call us if you have any questions. Give it a try this year!

How do I get my prizes since this is a Virtual Event? 

  • Drop off your pledge sheet and donations on Saturday, October 24th between 10 am – 3 pm at our drop-off location and receive your prizes.
    • Drop -off location: 1255 West Empire Street, Freeport IL
  • OR schedule a pick-up or drop-off by calling us at 815-232-5433 or emailing us at info@freeportpregnancycenter.org
  • OR You can mail it to Freeport Pregnancy Center PO Box 568 Freeport, IL 61032 (DON’T MAIL CASH – schedule a pick-up or drop off if you have cash)
  • Feel free to use the BILL ME option to collect all your donations if you want to stay socially distanced. Just fill in the donors information, and we will do the rest once you turn in your pledge sheet!