How Do I Get Started?

First-let us say THANK YOU for your support! We could not do what we do without our supporters! So, welcome to the amazing team of people who support the Freeport Pregnancy Center! Our goal is to raise $25,000 for the ministry of the Freeport Pregnancy Center. Because we’re not totally certain when social distancing will cease, we’ve decided to make this year’s Walk a virtual event! So, what does that look like?

1) Register and create your own FundEasy page. The program has a default goal, but feel free to increase it! Be bold and courageous! OR if you prefer a pledge sheet click here for instructions and to download.

2) Contact your friends, family, co-workers and neighbors using and ask them to support you in raising funds for Freeport Pregnancy Center.  (By the way, we are considered an “essential” service and we are open and seeing patients!) Use one of the following ways to collect your donation:

  • They can click on your Fundeasy link (via email, Facebook, etc) to sponsor you securely online. 
  • You can take a pledge of any amount from them, and we will take care of the rest! (Just be sure to record the amount they would like to pledge, an address, and a phone number)
  • You can collect checks or cash and schedule a drop off day to bring in your donations and collect any prizes.

3) If you use a Pledge Form or collect checks, you can mail them to our secure mailbox at P. O. Box 468 Freeport, IL 61032. Don’t forget to enter those donations on your FundEasy page! (Please do not send cash in the mail. Set up a drop-off day by contacting our office.)

4) If you do all your fundraising through FundEasy and/or by collecting pledges (preferred methods) we can mail you your prizes if you prefer not to schedule a pick-up.

5) Be creative in HOW you will raise funds and let your supporters know what you’ll be doing. Email or Facebook are great ways to communicate. Walk around your home and track your steps, walk your dog, walk on your treadmill, ride your stationary bike, walk on your elliptical machine, dig up your garden, play some games…be creative! Take a selfie and send them our way so we can share with other supporters!

6) Be sure to check out our Resources page! One of the best responses some of our Walkers get is by sending out a letter. We have a template available that you can adjust to fit you. We also have lots of other great ideas on our Resources Page. Be sure to check it out!

JOIN THE WALK FOR LIFE and help us SAVE LIVES and BEAT THE LIES! To participate in the Walk for Life, first create an online fundraising page or download a Pledge Form. If you aren’t sure about online fundraising, check out this short video to see how easy it is!

If online fundraising isn’t your thing-no problem! Just print off the Pledge Form or contact us for one, and follow the instructions for collecting tax-deductible donations. If you use online fundraising please be sure to record your offline pledges on your fundraising page! No matter how you collect pledges, make sure to check out our Tips and Resources page for some great tools! All pledges are a one-time pledge, not a per-mile pledge. This is not an athletic event, so you choose your own pace! 

Check out our PRIZES page to see what do after you are done fundraising!